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Dream Diary #1


I had a fucked up dream me and my half brother were at my grandma's place. She's not even his grandmother and hasn't been one to him but in this dream he sure as hell was getting the grandmother treatment.

We are about 6 years apart in real life but in this dream he is 9 and I am like... 25 or some shit.

Anyways the whole dream went something like this. I had work and I asked my grandma to drive me, why? I don't know. My work is about 20 minutes away by walking, so probably 3 minutes by vehicle. We got up and left the house at like 4 AM where it was still dark and it felt like it took forever because the sun had come up and we were just driving straight on this one road that shouldn't exist. On my right eventually there was a bunch of shipping containers and then a huge ass building crane ERECTED in the middle, and at the end of the crane, it was holding onto a huge pallet of ... more shipping containers. I asked my grandma what's it all about and she says you can get chocolate from there.

Good thing I hate chocolate. We finally arrive at the parking lot of my supposed job, and there's a Jeep right next to us, with a huge dent in it's side already. As I slowly try to get out some dudes in their twenties start coming and harassing me and my family saying how we did it when we didn't. So I get pissed when they bring a crowd of their friends. So I step out the vehicle and I lay the absolute smack down. Then I wake up. That's it. Thanks for reading this worthless shit.


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