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Alright then.

Hello. So, it's come to my attention that I've finally for the love of Christ came up with a sick enough work flow to keep posting Penoids or penoids daily. I don't know if I should capitalize the first letter or what not. This is my routine, this is how I do this and I urge everyone else to do the same.

- Wake up. This part is important, if you don't wake up, well then you're dead.

What's the point if you're dead, right?

- Drink a stimulant. A good way to wake up is with something in the nature of mind stimulation, such as coffee or tea. For some, it could be alcohol.

- Post content. Yes, I post my dick drawings. A good thing to keep in mind is have a backlog so it's like.. half workload here, half workload there. I got about 200 dicks ready to blast.

- Sip the stimulant. Reminisce about a lost loved one. Contemplate. - Write a blog post, because why not. I think the SEO will kick in better, who knows. Thanks for reading this shit, I can't wait to write more.

(That's about 1000 characters. That's great.)



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